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Debbra Stephens


Transplanted in the South from her home state of Michigan, this suburban mom-of-two loves her Lord Jesus and His wonderful Word.
A dedicated student of the Word, she loves to share what she learns in the classroom and on the page—dependent upon the ever-faithful Holy Spirit to turn thoughts to text.

Debbra has authored four Bible studies, all published by 21st Century Christian Publishers in Nashville, Tennessee. The Jesus Touch (2015), Prepared (2016), ID'd (2016), and Crowned (2017). She has also had three devotionals published in the Advent Living Books series. Christmas Travelers (2018) was the first volume released in this seasonal, daily devotional series. Gift of Faith (Volume 2 in the series) was released in 2019. The latest release, All Things Great & Small at Christmas (Volume 3), was released in 2021. Debbra has also had articles published in Christian Woman magazine and she is a contributing writer for
Currently a member of Grace Chapel Church of Christ in Cumming Georgia, Debbra formerly served at Burnt Hickory Church of Christ in Marietta for over 23 years in children, youth, and women's ministry.

Debbra has considerable experience speaking at a variety of functions—a favorite outlet for expressing her passion for God's written Word. She would love to meet you at your next event!

(For more on my professional and educational background, please check out my profile on LinkedIn)

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