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Books by Debbra Stephens
The Jesus Touch by Debbra Stephens
The Jesus Touch
A 12-week journey through the Gospels
From the time we are born, we crave human touch. Newborns and mothers bond through the sense of touch. Children hold hands as if it’s part of their DNA. We shake hands, hug, high five, and give pats on the back as ways of showing love and connectedness.
God created us with the desire to be touched.
When God became flesh in the form of His Son, Jesus, He came, not just to teach, but to touch. He came not just to heal, but to hold. Jesus touched the lives of the people He met, and every touch made a difference. His touch transformed lives.
Jesus wants to be connected to you. He wants His touch to change your life. He wants you to feel His presence in your everyday life. Open your life to The Jesus Touch.
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