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Gift of Faith by Debbra Stephens


Gift of Faith at Christmas
Daily Readings for the Christmas Season
We put a lot of thought into the gifts we wrap for those we love. We choose—with great care—something their hearts desire.
What if we gave a gift to Jesus? What gift would be most meaningful to Him?
When the Son of Man comes,
will He find faith on the earth?
(Luke 18:8b)
Faith! That's what He longs for. That is a pleasing gift that will bring Him great delight.
So, let's wrap THAT as gift for Him!
But what does that look like?!
This 30-day devotional will take you to the Scriptures daily to discover what it has to say about faith—wrapping your Christmas season in faith, in order to offer a gift worthy the Author of our Faith. 
It's a gift He will give right back to you—wrapped up beautifully in His perfect love.

Gift of Faith Wrap your Christmas Promo
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Giving thanks to The Christian Chronicle for placing Gift of Faith in their New and Noteworthy section in the January 2020 issue. (Check it out by clicking the photo at left.)
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