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Gift of Faith at Christmas
Daily Readings for the Christmas Season
We put a lot of thought into the gifts we wrap for those we love. We choose—with great care—something their hearts desire.
What if we gave a gift to Jesus? What gift would be most meaningful to Him?
When the Son of Man comes,
will He find faith on the earth?
(Luke 18:8b)
Faith! That's what He longs for. That is a pleasing gift that will bring Him great delight.
So, let's wrap THAT as gift for Him!
But what does that look like?!
This 30-day devotional will take you to the Scriptures daily to discover what it has to say about faith—wrapping your Christmas season in faith, in order to offer a gift worthy the Author of our Faith. 
It's a gift He will give right back to you—wrapped up beautifully in His perfect love.

Gift of Faith Wrap your Christmas Promo