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Books by Debbra Stephens

"Debbra’s studies have been such a blessing to me. Her insights and the way she guides me to see truth in beautiful new ways consistently draws me closer to the Lord. I have completed Prepared, ID’d, The Jesus Touch, and Crowned, and I am eagerly anticipating more studies from her."

Natalie P.

"The Jesus Touch is an excellent study for men and women.  We studied the Jesus Touch in our Ladies Bible class and learned so much about the different people that Jesus touched in His ministry.  The book is written in an easy format to present a lesson for your group. The format of the book leads into open discussions in class. Each chapter  features a person in the gospels that Jesus touched and goes deeper with discussion questions about how Jesus has touched us in a similar way and how we can share this special touch with others." 

Janice W.

"The Jesus Touch is bringing new insight and meaning to my Bible study. Debbra Stephens' understanding of Scripture and her incredible gift as a word smith make it difficult to stop reading."  

Genie B.

"ID'd is a wonderful bible study reminding us of where our true identity lies. It's so easy to get lost in the world's value system and our emotions can so quickly deceive us. This study is an encouraging walk through the word, refreshing and renewing our minds with God's perspective on who we really are. Spend time here and see the truths the enemy wants to rob you of! It's a treasured anchor in this journey of life!"

Ereni H.

“Debbra's study-guide provides new insights into the lives of several Bible persons. Most of their stories are very familiar, but this look into how Jesus touched their lives and how it affected them (and others) is thought-provoking and refreshing.  As a personal study or as material for a ladies' class discussion, these lessons will be sure to inspire everyone to share The Jesus Touch!”  

Marjorie G.

"If you are looking for a great twelve-week study about the time Jesus spent here on earth, I recommend The Jesus Touch by Debbra Stephens (21st Century Christian, 2014). This study of twelve individuals (not the twelve we usually think of) is woven chronologically with scripture as Jesus walked the earth as a man, witnessing suffering, hope and devotion. This is an excellent introduction for people just beginning their Bible studies and inspiring for those who know scripture well. I found the teacher guides and other resources from her blog added to this study while leading our class through this book. Be Touched!"        

Diane W.

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