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Crowned by Debbra Stephens
Adorned with Kingdom Blessings
Crowned will guide you through the remarkable story of Old Testament heroine Abigail in order to discover how wearing the crown of the Beatitudes places you before our Lord and King . . . to be crowned with His glory.   Read More>>>
ID'd by Debbra Stephens
Your God-Given Identity in Christ
You've been ID'd, Christian. It's an identity that contains power for living an abundant life in fearless freedom. Discover how to live the ID'd life in Christ through this release in the ASK series, a tribute to Casandra Martin.   Read More>>>
Prepared by Debbra Stephens
Discovering what God has prepared for you
Explore the masterpiece of Ephesians 2:10 through the life of the Apostle Paul. Discover how God prepares us and what He has prepared for us-gaining confidence in the masterpiece He is creating in you.   Read More>>> 
Jesus Touch by Debbra Stephens
The Jesus Touch
A 12-week journey through the Gospels
Join Debbra on a 12-week journey through the Gospels, exploring the touch of Jesus.
DISCOVER  how Jesus touched those He encountered. DISCUSS how He has touched you. And DARE to share His touch with others.   Read More>>>
21st Century Christian Publishers

All published and distributed by 21st Century Christian Publishers.

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All Things Great & Small by Debbra Stephens
All Things Great & Small at Christmas
Daily Readings for the Christmas Season
All Things Great & Small is a 26-day devotional to turn all things Christmas—great and small—into a joyful celebration of Jesus.
Christmas Travelers by Debbra Stephens
Christmas Travelers
Daily Readings for the Christmas Season
Christmas Travelers is your ticket for a Christmas journey—not by train, plane, or automobile . . . but story.  Daily stroll through the biblical record with those who traveled on pilgrimage toward the Christ.  Read More>>>
Gift of Faith by Debbra Stephens
Gift of Faith at Christmas
Daily Readings for the Christmas Season
Unwrap the fascinating facets of our faith and enrich your Christmas season with this 30-day devotional.  
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