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Books by Debbra Stephens
ID'd by Debbra Stephens
Your God-Given Identity in Christ
Profound principles lay dormant in the history of ancient Israel, hidden for centuries, waiting for God to reveal them through the coming Messiah. But as God’s words cascaded down the mountain at Sinai, they carried within them more than the law. They carried the identity of His chosen people. As they lived out that identity, they left a footprint for future generations.
What do those in Christ have in common with the Israelites of old? The Israelites were ID’d as God’s very own—loved, redeemed, holy. You, too, have been ID’d, Christian. You are chosen . . . named . . . ID’d. It is an identity that contains power for living an abundant life in fearless freedom.
Discover how to live the ID’d life in Christ, revealed in the grand story of Israel’s relationship with God. This eight-chapter book is an installment in the ASK Series by 21st Century Christian.
CW Review of IDd
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