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Christmas Travelers by Debbra Stephens

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Christmas Travelers
Daily Readings for the Christmas Season
Christmas is the season for traveling! It goes back in history as far as . . . well, Mary and Joseph!
Christmas Travelers is your ticket for a Christmas journey—not by train, plane, or automobile . . . but story. Stroll through the biblical record with those who have traveled on pilgrimage toward the Christ. As you move toward Christmas, the grand narrative will transport your heart and your family's celebrations to the real wonder of the season. Then your December days will make their way, not just to Christmas, but the Christ of Christmas.
Travelers featured in this unique holiday devotional include Nicodemus, a Roman Centurion, Peter, Zacchaeus, and Paul. Of course, it wouldn't be Christmas without gazing upon the journeys of Joseph and Mary, as well as the Shepherds and Magi . . . and don't forget the Hosts of Heaven!
The most important traveler this Christmas, however, is you! So hop in the passenger seat, as you leave the worries of this world behind and journey in wonder of Bethlehem's Babe. 
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