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40 Days to Easter - Open for Details

I have always loved this stretch of days on the calendar. I love the way it syncs the heart to the rhythm of eternity. To the heartbeat of Jesus.

I love living in the Story God has authored. And written on our hearts. I love the daily reminders of what has been revealed about our Lord in Scripture.

I love the fresh wonder of gospel grace.

All that love compels me to abide in His presence and the Word. And to share the wonder by writing a daily reflection from what I've read.

I'm doing things a bit differently this year, however. I've decided to post daily reflections to my Facebook page (find the link below, so you can follow and share)—beginning Wednesday, February 22nd.

I'll capture moments in the Bible, beginning in Genesis 1, and gradually travel through the Scriptures chronologically. And, since Jesus is there on every page, we'll keep Him in view every step of the way.

I pray the redeemed of the Lord travel through each one of these days with resurrected joy. That we will celebrate, with great thanksgiving, our redemption and our salvation. But, even more, our Redeemer and Savior.

You can find the daily reflections posted here:


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