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Artistry of the Master

I examined the artist’s drawing closely—studying the different techniques used.

One intricate detail intrigued my imagination.

I was held captive in wonder. How was such artistry created?

It looked as if she delicately filled in an area with pencil and then used an eraser to “draw” the desired object—as though the final feature was created by getting rid of unwanted marks.

It was the eraser that created the curio.

It’s what was taken away that perfected the masterpiece.

I’ve sure added an awful lot of unwanted marks to this created being!

But none the Lord is not able to remove.

“As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.”

(Ps 103:12)

Thankfully, not all the marks I’ve etched across His creation are unremovable by the Master. Some may require more time and technique than others (especially when the subject is unwilling and uncooperative!), but He persists and prevails.

“He who began a good work in you

will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

(Php 1:6b)

The Lord transforms lives, indeed. We have as our assurance to this fact the dramatic transformation of the apostles. He triumphed over the fear of those eleven men cowering behind locked doors and turned them into bold witnesses, perpetuating the gospel. He removed the guilt and shame of Peter’s rejection. He erased any and all condemnation from the sins Paul committed against the Lord and His people. He may not have removed Paul’s “thorn in the flesh,” but there was noble purpose in that.

In amazing ways, He transforms still.

The grace of God forgives our sins and the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, blots out every nasty stain. Moreover, the Master continues to work in removing other unwanted marks—continually recreating a masterpiece-in-process.

He removes those ugly bad habits I’ve formed, replaces those scribbled faulty beliefs with truth, and scrapes off the residue I’ve built up from the world.

His tools are many. His skill is limitless. His techniques, varied. His grace, sufficient—and this masterpiece-in-the-making is struck with the wonder of His mercy and lovingkindness.


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4 comentários

Debbra Stephens
Debbra Stephens
01 de mai. de 2019

I'm starting to believe it just might be His most amazing technique, Lesley. Gracious and lavish, that's for sure!

Appreciate the chat


Lesley C
Lesley C
01 de mai. de 2019

Beautiful post! I love the image of God working on us creating a masterpiece but I hadn't thought before about how erasing is such a key part of that!


Membro desconhecido
01 de mai. de 2019

I hear you, April--and echo your gratitude.

As if He hasn't already given us enough great good news, He also promises to finish what He has started in us!

Thanks for visiting!


April Nelson
April Nelson
01 de mai. de 2019

Beautiful post! He is most definitely still working on this canvas, polishing, erasing and adding to my heart. I'm so thankful that He is still working in and through me! #soaringwithhim linkup

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