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Facebook Update - UPDATED

Have you ever experienced the frustration of malicious cyber antics? I sure have! And more than once. Right now I'm dealing with Facebook. My writing page and my personal account are currently offline. They've been suspended due to activity on a fake account.

I've started the long and painful battle of recovery. But who knows how long that will take? Or the outcome? Especially when you're dealing with the silent, intangible blackhole of tech support. I'm annoyed by a sense of futility . . . and what feels like a wasteful, time-consuming distraction. (Please forgive the vent.)

If it weren't for the upcoming release of a new Bible study, I wouldn't care. Or even bother. But, I feel I must, so I will give it my best effort. It would be nice to have a timely response of restoration. But I'm preparing myself for the possibility of having to begin again.

I'll keep you posted. So please check back for updates. As well as for more important news about my new book coming out in September. Wouldn't it be grand if it was fixed by then?


July 20, 2024 Update

I've resigned the fruitless attempts to restore my old accounts. So, I've created a brand new page.

I begin again.

I'm in need of your valuable assistance in regaining my audience lost. Would you be so kind as to follow and share my new page? I'd be ever so grateful!

You can now find me over here . . .


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