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When things set to spinning and all you want to do is jump

I learned to drive in Michigan—which means I learned how to drive in the snow.

I also learned what it means to lose control of the car on ice.

Once, as my mom was taking a sharp curve on a slippery slope, the car set to spinning. I had the great honor of sitting in the front passenger seat (before seat belts, that is).

The first thing my young mind thought to do was bail.

I grabbed the handle, pulled that latch, and the door flew open. I still remember that sudden gush of cold air and the sight of swirling snow as the door swung wide. And who can ever forget my mother’s scream? (I can’t say I ever heard her scream like that!) I felt that firm grip on my arm, as she yanked me back into the car. Her eyes were wild—mostly from fear.

When she finally gained control of the car, she eased off to the side of the road. Her strong voice scolded, “Don’t you ever do that again! You can’t just jump out of a car that’s spinning out of control. The safest place is in the car.”

Probably good advice.

When things are spinning out of control, we shouldn’t jump.

We’ve got to hold on and ride the ride.

I’ve had that fight-or-flight adrenaline rush at other times since then—2020 is no exception. (Which is rather illogical really. Where would you jump to? But that’s just it! Our response in those moments are rarely logical.)

What’s needed most in those moments is the ability to reason.

It’s to have a sense of common sense.

And faith should factor into that reasoning.

Abraham is often a model for faith—because he believed the word of the Lord.

The psalmists had faith when being oppressed by their enemies—because they trusted the Lord.

Paul was obedient when facing horrendous trials . . . by faith.

The early Christians endured great suffering and persecution . . . by faith.

So, when all the world appears to be spinning out of control, hold on to faith—for, as Jesus has said, “Everything is possible for one who believes.”



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