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A Has Been That Still Is

What’s brewing around you today, friend?

Do you find yourself in the middle of a storm—feeling like there’s no one there to drop anchor?

Are you caught in a vortex of raging feelings?

What you’re feeling isn’t all there is.

Take a moment to breathe-in Romans 5:5:

Hope does not put us to shame,

because God's love

has been

poured into our hearts

through the Holy Spirit, who

has been

given to us.

Did you catch the tense?

God’s love has been poured out . . . The Holy Spirit has been given.

Exhale long at the realization of these has beens of God.

This is blessed assurance—especially in the midst of the unknown.

They provide that much-needed solid ground to stand on when you’re feeling a bit shaky.

Whenever you feel like you haven’t got it in you to do what it takes, remember the has been.

Remember what has been done by God for your endurance.

You can live as though what you need has been given. Because what you need most has already been accomplished by Christ.

What He has done for your salvation is.

What the Spirit provides for your thriving is.

And it is sufficient . . . because He is sufficient.

So, go ahead and hope—because God’s love has been poured into you.

You are not left to weather the storm alone—because the Holy Spirit has been given to you.

This has been is.


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