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A Psalm for Remembrance

During an early morning Bible read, a particular morsel captured my attention. But it doesn’t lie within a verse to be referred to. It’s simply an outlying phrase.

Turn to Psalm 70. Notice the small portion of the descriptive subtitle which reads, to bring to remembrance (ASV).

Isn't that precisely what is needed in desperate times? To bring to remembrance God's past deliverance, grace, and provision?

A recollection of the Lord’s past deeds always rejuvenates hope!

Now look further into the actual psalm itself, to the two verses below:

Please God, rescue me! Come quickly, Lord, and help me. But I am poor and needy; please hurry to my aid, O God, You are my helper and my savior; O LORD, do not delay! (vs 1, 5)

Do you get a sense of the urgency in David's petition?

Verse 1 in the King James version uses make haste. The New American Standard says hasten to deliver me. This speaks to David’s dire need.

He rightly turned to the only One who can help in dire circumstances.

Where do you turn?

David also took time to notice who God is. And when we do, praise follows.

Praise settles and puts things into perspective. Praise flips anxiety to gladness, as he acknowledged in verse 4:

But may all who search for You be filled with joy and gladness. May those who love Your salvation repeatedly shout, "God is great!"

It’s a prayer for all seekers.

David provided a truth in these words: No matter the circumstance we find ourselves in, when we shift our focus, God renews our countenance and graciously fills us with His peace.

When you find yourself in a frightful situation and recall the Lord’s acts of faithful kindness, faith is renewed to believe He is able, willing, and altogether trustworthy.

God is GREAT! Oh, to remember, most gentle Lord, how You have rescued Your people. You are my Helper . . . my Savior—let me not forget.


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