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An Age-Old Prayer for Modern Times

Excuse me.

May I interrupt?


Just pause a minute.

Stop everything.

And slowly read this great prayer of Jehoshaphat

(it’s a prayer that bears repeating).

“Whenever we are faced with any calamity such as



or famine,

we can come to stand in Your presence

before this temple where Your name is honored.

We can cry out to You to save us,

and You will hear us

and rescue us.”

(2 Chron 20:9 NLT)

Apply this to your faith-life in Christ.

Right where you’re at.

Right now.


Is doubt and fear assaulting faith?

Are you in the midst of

a relational conflict, a moral or spiritual battle?



Are you struggling with

emotional, mental, spiritual or physical

ailments that plague you?



Are you hungry for God;

thirsty for the Spirit;

starved for truth or direction?


Honor His name in your temple.

Go to Him.

Cry out for rescue.

In His presence,

in that moment,

Grace meets you.

You can lay it all before Him

and—even in that brief reprieve—

He strengthens you to endure.

So when you rise from your knees

and return to face that thing

you rise renewed.

Rise then,

confident that He has heard you

and will help you conquer every doubt.

Trust His overcoming power.

#prayer #encouragement #trial


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