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Before the Tables Turned

Before the Light flooded my soul,

before the Truth captured my heart,

before I took the Hand extended to pull me from the pit,

the only discussions I had with God were negotiations.

Before conversion to the Lordship of Jesus Christ,

before knowing God as Father,

before receiving the transforming Holy Spirit—before loving Them—

I viewed God as a Deity to bargain with.

And prayer was merely an instrument for bartering.

That was before I realized I have nothing to bring to the table.

Before Jesus entered this temple, overturned the tables, and drove out the merchant attitude within me, the claws of commerce clung hard and fast.

Only when I stop bargaining with God on my terms, will the merchant truly be driven out.

Only when I serve unconditionally, will the money-changer in me be poured out.

Only when I give of myself, asking nothing in return, will this temple be pure.

The zealous act of cleansing the temple framed Jesus' ministry. He passionately confronted the irreverent practices that corrupted His Father's House on two necessary occasions.

How many times has He done it in me?

Jesus vies for our unconditional surrender. He is also intolerant of corrupted religious attitudes which pollute the dwelling place of God.

Undeniably, Jesus is the only perfect sacrifice worthy to be left standing in this temple.

Allow Him to turn-over the tables in your life and clear His dwelling place within.

Let’s pray He drives out every counter-kingdom attitude in all of us, cleansing these temples . . . for Good.


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