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Buried . . . or Washed Away?

I went out exploring—to see what I could see.

The new terrain beckoned me. Because I recently moved here, the surrounding grounds are unfamiliar to me. I have been told that the house was built upon an old golf course. The telltale remnants intrigued me. And the clues fancied my curiosity.

I wandered through the woods and quickly discovered the effects of the brutal storm that swept through here this week.

It uncovered traces of what once was.

I discovered old paths, bridges . . . and golf balls buried deep in the mud.

The fierce downpour of heavy rains eroded away layers that have accumulated over the years to uncover what was buried beneath.

Things resurfaced.

What had piled up was shifted by the storm . . . to reveal what was hidden away under the camouflage.

Secrets from the past emerged. Uncovered and laid bare. To be witnessed by fresh eyes.

Just because something is buried, doesn’t mean it’s gone.

What man buries, however, the Lord can take away.

The Lord cleanses . . . washes away . . . forgives.

And what the Lord washes away is removed.

It’s not buried, only to resurface later.

It is cast as far as the east is from the west, so Scripture proclaims.

When we give our trespasses to the Lord for forgiveness, we can trust it is taken away—once for all.

Not always so with humans.

Sometimes we hold things against others (or even ourselves). Or we hold onto them. We bury them. And they come back again . . . and again. However, we can take those things we hold onto—multiple times if need be—to the Lord, as well. We can pray for His grace to wash over us. To teach us how to let go of what’s buried. And to practice His forgiveness.

Will you take the remnants of an old life and bury them? Or let them be washed away?


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