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Deconstruction of a Different Kind

I am in the process of dismantling my house. I say “house” because it no longer resembles the home I assembled those many years ago. It’s been disassembled. Deconstructed. What was purposefully planned and carefully constructed is now being taken down and packed away.

There are several key components of my life currently being disassembled. I didn’t see the changes coming. But I’ve come to welcome them. And trust God is working behind the veil.

There is much about the future that is unknown to me (but, really, isn’t it always?). I don’t know where I’m going to live. Where I’m going to work. What I’m going to be doing. But there is one thing I can emphatically state in the middle of all that is unknown to me: my prayer life has never been stronger!

Aspects of life can become deconstructed . . . but my life in Christ is firmly structured.

As I take pictures down off the wall, take apart furniture, or tuck away keepsakes, I find myself deep in conversation with the Lord. Communing with Him, my only constant.

So, I realize that I’m not using the word “deconstruct” in the context of its current cultural trend. (And thankfully so!) But can’t a correlation be drawn? Because the circumstances that can cause a crisis of faith present a choice. Someone can choose to allow those circumstances to propel them into a deeper faith . . . or abandonment.

Life’s difficulties churn the human heart to long for answers. And the mind struggles to make sense of challenging circumstances. Unfortunately, faith often gets tangled in the process. It can take the hit when we wrestle with the inability to understand.

You’ve got to admit, the ways and words of Jesus don’t necessarily make things easier. There are Christian teachings that don’t conform with the culture in which we live. However, certain doctrines can’t be remade into our ideal, try as progressives might.

Sometimes, the so-called “easier way out” is to remove that piece of the puzzle from the confounding mess. Personally speaking, that would add tragedy to trial. For continuing to believe, even when it’s challenging and uncomfortable, provides the solid foundation of truth upon which to stand—when all else crumbles around you. Because, to me, to depart Christianity and abandon a relationship with Jesus is far more scary than anything the world can throw at me. It may seem counter-intuitive, but to remain faith-full is the wisest and formidable choice.

Answers to our questions sometimes remain hidden in God. (Rightfully so.) Just hide me there—in Him—for He is all the trustworthy answer I need.

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