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El Sama, God Hears

David knew it [1].

Hagar knew it [2].

Job knew it [3].

But do you?

Ours is a God Who Hears.

Walk with me to an ancient riverbed so you might know, too?

Under a desert broom tree, Elijah told the Lord he’d "had enough" [4]. “All at once an angel touched him” [5].

Did you get that?


Once nourished, he fell back asleep. And the angel “came back a second time.”

Why do you suppose that was?

Because God heard him!

I looked over the lists of God’s names in various reference books. Of all His Names, listed in Greek and Hebrew, I could not find “God Hears.” There is El Roi, “God Sees”, but no “God Hears.” If there were, I suppose it could be El Sama (in Hebrew, “sama" means hears).

Truly, God hears!

Couldn't it be considered an effect of grace?

God heard Abel's spilled blood cry out from the earth [6].

He heard men plotting the tower of Babel [7].

God heard Job’s need for defense [8].

He heard Sarah’s laugh [9].

God heard the desperate cry of the Egyptian slaves [10].

He heard Gideon’s request for proof [11] .

God heard Israel’s plea for a king [12].

Be assured, precious child, that He hears you.

He is the Ever-Hearing, El Sama.

God has heard . . . does hear . . . will hear.


Because if God is love, isn’t that the one thing love surely does? Listens?

He's always but a whisper away.

He gave us a voice. (And not just the one that is only audible to the human ear; but He tunes in to hear the voice of our thoughts, the longings of our hearts.)

Silently our heart converses with His.

Our soul communicates with His Spirit.

God is All-Knowing, All-Seeing, All-Powerful. God is All-Hearing.

What do you long for Him to hear from your heart right now?

Tell Him . . . He's listening.

Q: How has God revealed Himself to you as a God Who Hears?

Bible Verse Reference

(click on these links to see how God hears):

[10] Ex 3:7

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Thank you for your words and message. God is awesome.

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