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Gathered in Grace

There are numerous occasions documented, in both the Old and New Testaments alike, when God gathered people together out of the goodness of His grace—always for purpose.

In our first gathering in my online study, we discussed God’s gathering of Noah, his family, and the animals.

That ark was a vessel of God’s grace for salvation.

We also looked at the gatherings of our gracious Lord. And how, through faith in Him, we are saved by grace.

In coming to save the world, Jesus came to extend God’s grace.

The Lord gathers to Himself in grace . . . in order for us to be a vessel of His grace.

In response, His modern-day disciples are to share the good news of that grace . . . and extend grace.

Unfortunately, we know the heartbreaking reality that the Church, and Christians, are guilty of practicing what Philip Yancey calls ungrace.

We must be aware of the enemies of grace. Enemies like:

  • Racism and Hatred—leaning more toward extreme evil, but an ungrace, nonetheless

  • Unforgiveness

  • Legalism

  • Pride

  • Fear

We see acts of ungrace propagated all around us.

But what do you suppose helps us overcome those enemies of grace?


The grace of God, through the Mighty Spirit, compels us to love and practice grace. And imitate Christ-like attitudes and behaviors in increasing measure.

God has not only lavished us in grace, He continually heaps upon us grace-upon-grace!

The real beauty is that He is continually growing us in grace. I love that! Because that means there is hope for me yet! When I fail in practicing His grace, I can repent and turn to Him to continue to form Christ in me.

That is our hope . . . our goal . . . our confidence . . . and His sanctifying work in and through us.

Daily, we have countless occasions to thank God for His grace—my sisters-in-Christ being one among them!


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