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Gifts for The Christ

It’s New Year’s Eve. 9:54.

Engulfed in thought, I sit before our crèche glimmering in candle glow.

I’m especially mesmerized by gifts crafted in the hands of the magi figurines.

The many gifts of Christmas warm my heart. (And not just those sporting bows or placed under the tree.)

Eventually, my thoughts return . . . to the magi.

They brought extravagant gifts—a tribute fit for a king. Oh, but not just any king. God’s Christ. He, too, came bearing gifts. God’s chosen, anointed King came bearing the multivalent gifts of His Cross.

The magi were lavish in their gift giving. Sacrificial, even.

What gift would I bring to such a King?

What gifts give I this Christ?

The clock in the other room suddenly seems louder.

My thoughts swing, as pendulum—keeping with the distant clock. They swing back across the year past . . . and forward to the year ahead. I strain to envision it.

What do I want to set its rhythm?

What mechanism shall I set to wind the tick of 2019’s tock?

I look for clues in the nativity scene.

Magi knelt before the Newborn King to offer gifts of gold.

The Son knelt before the Father — in prayer — giving Himself.

What gift did the Son give His Father?

What pleased both the Giver to give and the Receiver to receive?


Jesus prayed that the name of His Father would be glorified through Him (see Jn 12:28).

In the apex of His life, what was of utmost importance to Jesus? That He bring God glory (see Jn 17:4).

He bowed before the Father, bearing His deepest desire—praying God would glorify Himself through Him.

May that be my heart’s desire in 2019—to bring God glory. May prayer set the year's rhythm. And may this prayer be as golden gift I bring the Christ: “Glory Yourself through me.” May those four words be my daily prayer the whole year through so that whatever I do may bring Him glory.


Q: Is a year’s success based upon material gain or personal performance? Or your relationship with your Heavenly Father?


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