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Home for Thanksgiving

Where do you want to go when bad things happen?

That place for me is home.

When the day has been rough, and you feel a bit beaten up by the world, sometimes all you want is to retreat. You want to go where you can just be wrapped in refuge.

But what if there isn’t that place?

What then?

When you long for home . . . but there’s no home waiting for you—to run to . . . to retreat and lick your wounds. Then you find yourself in desperate need of a sanctuary. Where you know you can find peace. Where you’re surrounded by things that give you comfort.

But what if, instead of a place, we go to a person? To Jesus! For He is our Peace, our Refuge, our Fortress.

That, rather He, is where I find myself this Thanksgiving. Covered in the grace of His sanctuary. Abiding in the comfort of His love. Resting in His words of promise. And giving thanks for the Refuge that is an enduring person . . . not a temporal, fleeting place.

Know that He, with arms open wide, is that warm and welcoming Sanctuary for all who, this Thanksgiving, are in need of comfort . . . hope.


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