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Learning to Walk

I remember what it was like trying to teach my children how to walk.

I’d ease them up onto wobbly legs—gently holding and guiding them along.

They would take one wee step at a time—as skill gained momentum.

At first they’d walk. Then run. Skip. And eventually bound hurdles.

I remember, too, my early faith walk. How God taught me to walk in Christ.

Life would cause a little wobble every now and then. Or slow my progress, as I’d test new-found legs.

There are times when the pace is strong and sturdy.

Other times, it’s feeble and faltering.

Circumstances can change your gait—as maturity gradually steadies you on your feet.

This current trial requires we strain forward, as Paul might say. Because it has the capacity to knock some right off their feet entirely.

In some ways it feels like we’re having to learn to walk all over again.

I wonder, is this one of life’s trials?

Or is it a test?

One can hardly know for sure.

Either way, God will hold the hand of His child. And teach us new ways to walk by faith.

He will carry us, on wings like eagles, when we weaken.

And He will be there to catch us, should we fall.

Undoubtedly, by grace He will grow us and make faith stronger.

And, as we keep step with the Master, the way we walk should bring notice—helping others to their feet on this long journey.

It’s a journey taken on two planes—the physical and the spiritual.

We may not know where this earthly path leads, but the one of faith takes us ever closer to Him. And we may not know how long we will have to walk this rocky road dotted with COVID—but the one we walk with Him is sweetly everlasting.

So, keep walking, child—by faith.



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