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Living life to the pulse of faith

This ever-changing life is lived in cycles:

of want and plenty,

ease and trial,

celebration and mourning.

With its ups and downs,

peaks and valleys,

it’s less melodious,

more pulsating.

Call it the pulse of life.

Here’s what God told His people they could expect in the land they would live in:

But the land you are crossing the Jordan

to take possession of is a land of

mountains and valleys

that drinks rain from heaven.

(Dt 11:11)

They had a rough river crossing to face, but a land of promise was on the other side.

The land of promise was not unchanging—all plains and plateaus. They could expect both mountains and valleys alike. But to live by the pulse of faith was to realize it was all God-watered.

Though you may occasionally trek across a valley – seemingly void of God – each step can be grounded in promise.

God faithfully provides refreshing, regenerating rain from heaven across every terrain.

God also assured them of this:

It is a land the LORD your God cares for;

the eyes of the LORD your God are continually on it

from the beginning of the year to its end.

(Dt 11:12)

The Lord's hand covers the land—

In every season.

Year round.

He watches.

His eyes are continually on it—

from beginning to end.

He sees and He cares.

He delivers and sustains.

So says the pulse of faith.

In believing, perspectives move from the erratic spikes of the pulse of life to the steady pulse of faith. From responding to the dictates of circumstances to resting in the sovereignty of God.

When life resembles a caravan through the Rockies, your faith, powered by the Spirit, helps you climb up to meet the mountain and cradles you in the descent to the valley below.

This word originally spoken to the Israelites is like heaven's showers of grace to water faith. Taken to heart, with the life and work of Jesus Christ, it serves as a reminder that He travels the heaven-watered landscape with you.


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