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One Aspect of Life

The faintest of light started to spread over the heavily frosted terrain—as one would expect on January 16th. The skies soon proclaimed the glory of their Creator in dazzling color, as creation began to awaken.


Bio life was stirring. And a new life would soon be born—God’s miracle gifted to all that He has made.

The Greek word for life is zoe.

How can such a short word be so long on meaning?

It has a poetic ring to it, though, doesn’t it?

It certainly drew me in—hungry to discover more about its 135 uses in the New Testament. The New Testament reveals the theological nuances of all its categories—biological, spiritual, and eternal. It contains the words of life from the very Source of life . . for life.

It develops zoe for the curious mind.

We instinctively know in our bones there’s a difference between physical existence and flourishing. Our hearts long for a quality of life. The life designed by our generous Creator exceeds that of merely a beating heart. But the life humans now live has been touched by death.

Because of sin, we crossed from life to a life marked by death. And that death, too, is more than just physical. It also has a theological category which includes curse and darkness. The consequence of death invaded the natural order, an unwelcome intruder.

Thriving lost its status of norm.

But life is truly enhanced when placed in the hands of Jesus Christ, the Restorer of what was. He enriches it. Transforms it. He takes biological life, under the curse of death, and makes abundant life.

He turns life into truly living.

This is but one aspect of zoe.

I hope to explore more in the weeks to come. Join me in study? Discovery? Praise of the One who declares, “I am Life”?


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