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Praise for the Kingdom’s King

Thine is the kingdom,

and the power,

and the glory, forever.



Teaching of the Twelve Apostles

Countless Christians have memorized this as part of the Disciples Prayer. I did so when I was quite young. And I’ve recited it innumerable times ever since.

Different aspects of that doxology have touched me in a variety of ways over the years, but recently I’ve seen it with a renewed perspective. In considering Who the Thine more fully is, a deeper praise has been stirred within me.

Praise Him with me . . .

Thine is the Christ,
Who formed the heavens and all that is in them;
Who stood guard in the fiery furnace,
Saved mankind with outstretched arms,
And defeated death.

Thine is our trustworthy Savior,
Of goodness, mercy, and compassion;
Our Righteous God,
Full of grace and truth.

A God Who came near,
To save wretched sinners;
Never to abandon or forsake;
Whose perfect love never fails.

Thine is the Holy I AM;
All power is His,
All glory is His;
Our Everlasting King of kings.

He is the God of the Kingdom,
Eternally to reign;
And the kingdom is His,
All His, and no other.

Amen, indeed!

That’s good news of the kingdom!

Lord of all lords, all praise be Yours and Yours alone. For Yours is the kingdom! Not ours. Nor anyone else’s. YOURS! May more be gathered into Your kingdom before the King returns in glory and power.

* What is sometimes referred to as the Didache is not in all early manuscripts or modern translations as part of what is known as the Lord's Prayer (recorded in Matthew 6:13).

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