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Prepared at Christmas

Come, let us bow down in worship,

let us kneel before the Lord our Maker

(Psalm 95:6)

Who knew this Christmas season would look like this?

The Lord knew. He’s not the least bit surprised.

Due to the tumultuous year we’ve had, our battered hearts need preparing. Because to celebrate the Christ is to worship. And hearts often need preparing, to fully worship God in spirit and in truth—now, more than ever.

So, I won’t ask if you’re ready for Christmas. It may take some doing. Besides, we are just barely past Thanksgiving. It’s much too early in the season to place any pressure upon yourself.

But it does help to feel prepared when it comes to celebrating Christmas.

And you can’t possibly be prepared for Christmas if you miss the whole point of Christmas.

Do you know who was prepared? The shepherds.

We can take our cue from them.

Once that heavenly announcement came, they responded with “Let us go there” (Lk 2:15).

That simple.

In haste, they rushed to the manger. To be in the presence of Jesus.

Let us go there. Together. Let’s simply rush to our Lord’s side.

Let’s not look back on Christmas and realize that we missed the Christ. That we didn’t build worship into our preparations.

Let us, like the shepherds, simply go. But let us go in astonishment.

Yes, astonishment!

I know. Astonishment typically unsettles us.

But shouldn’t we be astonished at what God has done? Be amazed by the lengths to which He is willing to go to redeem fallen mankind?

Our hearts should so thrill with astonishment at what He is willing—and able—to do.

Wonder at the very miracle of it all! Be exhilarated by the grand drama of God’s redemptive story.

Christmas is not something that happens outside us . . . around us . . . to us. It’s not something to endure or survive. Or tinsel over. It’s opportunity. It’s the grandest of all occasions to look to God and celebrate Him . . . worship Him. And be astonished.

He has come!

The pronouncement has been made by hosts of heaven.

Let’s go there! Let’s be like those shepherds.

In astonishment, in excitement, in eagerness, they rushed with haste to the Christ.

And in so doing, He prepared them to worship.



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