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Remembering the Kingdom

To remember Jesus is to also remember His kingdom. And we definitely want to keep the kingdom on our radar. After all, it is the realm of our citizenship.

Jesus often taught in the form of parables. Many of them pertained to the kingdom of heaven. That’s where my mind is leading . . . and my pen will follow.

Kingdom parables can be used as a good measure. We’ll consider perceived value, love for others, and readiness from a few selected parables in measuring the state of our hearts.

Perceived Value

Two parables on the value of the kingdom are The Parable of the Hidden Treasure (Mt 13:44) and The Parable of the Pearls (Mt 13:45-46). In these parables, Jesus portrays priorities for the disciple. The kingdom is great treasure worth selling all earthly possessions to gain.

Take stock by asking the following questions. Do I recognize the value of the kingdom? Do I respond as those in Jesus' examples?


Jesus poses a rhetorical question with the Parable of the Lost Sheep (Lk 15:3-7) and the Parable of the Lost Coin (Lk 15:8-10). They portray people who go above and beyond in diligent search of what has been lost.

We can ask ourselves the following for good measure. Do I share Christ's love for the lost? And His joy upon their salvation? Am I concerned about others entering the kingdom?


Jesus made a point in the Parable of the Ten Maids (Mt 25:1-13) that we must be prepared in our expectant waiting for His return. For therein lies wisdom.

Honestly measure the state of your watchful readiness to the wise maids.

These are snapshots from a larger picture Jesus painted for us. His teachings help disciples better see the things of the kingdom required of faith.

Choose a parable (any parable), read it. Meditate upon it. And ask Him what lesson He can teach you today.

Dear God in Heaven, may I remember to live a kingdom lifestyle today by this truth: You have "rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son [You] love, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins" (Col 1:13-14).

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