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Remembering to Continually Pray

Our prayer, Holy Father, is this:

When the advent of Easter is no longer before us,

And these holy days fade away,

May we not forget to remember You daily.

Cure us of our amnesia, Lord:

Chosen-Amnesia, because we choose not to remember;

Enemy-Amnesia, inflicted because the enemy doesn't want us to remember;

Sin-Amnesia, a product of the sin that distracts us from remembering.

Cure us of Thankfulness-Amnesia,

The forgetting to give thanks

For what You've done,

What You're doing,

And what is yet to come.

Vanquish Spirit-Amnesia,

That causes us to neglect to live

Spirit-led lives.

Put an end to all Spiritual-Amnesia,

That forgets the price of our Redemption,

Instigates a loss of hope,

And robs action from faith.

Kindle these minds to a state of high alert,

Watchful readiness;

Continually remembering,

In steadfast prayer.

Wake us from our slumber,

To arise from the dead,

That Christ will shine through us (Eph 5:14).

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