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Rest—It’s Part of the Preparation

From the Lord comes deliverance. May your blessing be on your people.


(Ps 3:8)

Typically, December calendars are demanding. Ruthless, even. December has a tendency to bark merciless marching orders, at a grueling pace.

But 2020 strikes again—seriously altering our calendars. Many traditional holiday activities and events have been cancelled this year. While that may have freed up some time, it has created other issues in its place. Issues that weigh us down and vie for our peace.

Our days are nothing like the Hallmark peace of a seasonal picture postcard.

It is important, in this bustling month of preparations, that we deliberately prepare some time and space to pause in stillness before God.

Steal away from the stress, which rudely bombards tranquility, and prepare for yourself a daily selah.

Selah, it’s what biblical scholars have translated as a musical pause. It is used in the Book of Psalms a whopping 71 times.

It can mean a rest—to stop;

a pause—to listen.

It can bring peace.

If you are a child of God, you especially need to find a pausing place to listen to the voice of your loving Father.

If you are seeking answers, you need to find a pausing place, away from the noise, to draw near Truth Himself, Jesus.

Come away from all the clamoring media and press. Disallow its constant invasion. And determine that the holiday commotion won’t keep you from communion with the Savior.

Stop and listen

to the news of His deliverance;

Rest in that.

Purposefully prepare selah;

deliberately prepare rest.

Pause to come—into His presence.

Pause to praise.

Pause to enter—into His peace.

Prepare a place in your hurried and harried day for a rest.


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