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The Babe Prepared and Born to Man

You will conceive and give birth to a son,

and you are to call Him Jesus.

He will be great and will be called

the Son of the Most High

(Lk 1:31-32a).

The life she felt forming inside her was Life itself.

What began as a flutter became the graceful movement of Hope;

A slow turning, then a kick—the confined dance of Love.

A Babe, conceived of the Spirit;

Promised and prepared of God;

Swelled to the fullness of Eternity’s plan.

Impressions of the Child’s limbs gradually appeared from within:

A head . . . a knee . . . an elbow;

God—in human flesh—soon to enter His Creation as Babe . . .

As Man.

God became flesh to be with His people;

All glory, wrapped in human tent;

Born into humanity’s mess by grace.

His cry, a prayer, for His Father to comfort the world.

The Babe prepared was:

Born a King;

Born a Savior;

Born crucified.

To us a Child was born;

To us a Son was given;

Who longs to be born in you.

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