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The Babe Prepared and Born to Man

You will conceive and give birth to a son,

and you are to call Him Jesus.

He will be great and will be called

the Son of the Most High


Music attribution: David Nevue, Joy to the World from O Come Emmanuel


The life she felt forming inside her was Life itself.

      What began as a flutter became the living movement of hope;

            A slow turning, then a kick—the confined grace of Love.


A Babe, conceived of the Spirit;

      Promised and prepared of God;

            Swelled to the fullness of eternity’s plan.


Impressions of the Child’s limbs appeared from within:

      A head . . . a knee . . . an elbow;

            God—in human flesh—soon to enter His Creation as Babe . . .

                  As Man.


God became flesh and dwelled among His people;

      All Glory, wrapped in human tent.

            His cry, a prayer,

                  To His Father above.


The heavens rang with the angel’s song,

      The gospel news foretold so long,

            Now lying there in swaddled cloth,

                  God’s generous Gift of life, light, and love.  


The Babe prepared was

            Born a King,

                        Born a Savior.

                                    Born crucified.


To us a Child was born;

            To us a Son was given;

                        Who longs to be born in you.

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