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The One Who Has Gone Before Us

“But after I have risen, I will go ahead of you into Galilee”

(Mark 14:28 NIV).

Jesus, in speaking to His disciples prior to His death, promised He would go on before them. Even though He wouldn’t be with them, they could count on meeting Him in Galilee.

Though speaking at a different time, about a different place, and to a different group of disciples, this side of the Cross, Jesus has gone ahead of all those in Him—blazing a trail and setting a precedent for our confident assurance.

He has gone before us

to the judgment of sin.

While we were still enemies of God,

hopelessly guilty in our sin,

Jesus suffered the penalty of our due verdict.

He has gone before us

to the grave.

Creation–and its Creator–has never known a greater sorrow.

He went on to our rightful death—

while we were still sinners, living under its curse.

He has gone before us

into life everlasting.

While we still live, we have this blessed hope

of our own resurrection.

He has gone before us

to the Father,

where He intercedes on our behalf,

continually lifting us up in prayer to God.

He has gone before us

to prepare a place for the family

He delivers into glory,

captives being led in triumphal procession.

Jesus is the One who has gone before us.

He has entered into death on our behalf—for salvation’s sake.

He has risen, to the glory of His Father.

And ascended, to mercifully provide and welcome His Bride.

He goes before,

into all our futures,

even what seems uncertain before us.

And Jesus goes before you—

as you journey toward the Day when all becomes celebration,

a holy and exuberant Hallelujah!


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