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The One Who Most Remembers

Don’t you love to be remembered?

Doesn’t it just warm your heart when someone remembers your birthday? Thinks of you when you’re sick? Remembers to pray for you? Or sends you an encouraging word? Especially in these days of distancing, quarantine, and isolation?

When the elderly receive mail where I work, they are so over-joyed—to not be forgotten.

How much more uplifting is it to be remembered by God?

But God remembered

(Gen 8:1)

God remembered Noah (Gen 8:1).

God remembered Abraham (Gen 19:29).

God remembered Rachel (Gen 30:22).

God remembered His covenant (Ex 2:24).

God remembered Babylon (Rev 16:19).

God remembered them.

And He remembers you.

Ever will you remain near and dear to His heart. Remember that—should you feel alone . . . forsaken . . . forgotten. That’s not what God wants for you. He wants you to remember that He remembers.

God remembers His every promise. And He remembers you.

You are our God Who never forgets. Not one of Your children fall from Your watchful oversight. Tenderly remind each one that You are a faithful Father.

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