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The Struggle is Real

Have you ever wrestled with something so hard, that it leaves you completely spent?

While I’ve never been strapped into a straitjacket (yet anyway), I imagine it’s a similar sort of struggle. With the same feelings of exhaustion afterward.

With what do you struggle?

Maybe you’re struggling with worrisome thoughts. A particular trial. Or fear.

You might be struggling with a sin. Or a habit.

Possibly, you’re struggling to understand. To understand the words of God. The ways of God. Or even to understand your own self.

Or maybe, like me, you’re struggling with an idol lurking deep within, that has entangled your heart.

These struggles are real.

Go ahead and struggle with them! But only struggle with them with the Lord. In His light. And by His power.

I’ve got some good news for you today! He will be patient with you as you do. And He will give you the victory! Because, for those in Christ, the Spirit lends wisdom, insight, and endurance to free you from that struggle.

And He provides power to uncinch those straps!

The Lord is our freedom and rest from that struggle.

The Lord is Victor over all these things. And He longs to restore peace to you, daughter of the Sovereign King.

After each hard-won struggle, raise those weary hands—in praise . . . in gratitude . . . in victory!


Join me here for a new blog series, beginning March 6th

(posting each Sunday leading up to Resurrection Sunday).

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