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Two Halves That Make a Perfect Whole

“What happens in Small Group, stays in Small Group.”

Agreed, but maybe that statement requires a qualifier.

The group I met with on Sunday evenings for over 18 years fed both body and soul, mind and spirit—because after our group discussion we always shared a meal.

We would talk Jesus . . . Scripture . . . life. It was positively exhilarating! And the food was always fabulous. In essence, discipleship took center stage—as we were both served and fed. It was a great combination!

We served one another. And we discipled one another.

Those two verbs make great bookends. Actually, they’re the perfect pair—they are two halves that perfect the whole.

A gospel occasion comes to mind where both verbs are seen in action: the account of Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-41). Here we see where those in attendance were served by Martha and discipled by Jesus.

In this intimate setting of disciples gathered around their Rabboni, I imagine everyone had something to learn from Jesus. However, there are two valuable—and necessary—lessons Jesus taught Martha, in particular, to inform His modern-day disciples even today. The first is focus. And the second is attitude.

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