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Underestimating God

Realization pierced the thick fog—permitting light to stream and flood.

This realization came about by asking myself one simple question, borrowed from the apostle Paul:

Why is it thought incredible that God can


Because God can do all things, that blank can be filled-in with anything.

What’s telling is that thing we subconsciously put there when doubt flares.

I’m ashamed to admit that I have put a gamut of sad and sorry things in that blank. Often, I’m quite unaware I’m doing so. Like when I question ability to complete a task I’m doing in His name. Typically, I then become anxious and attempt to over-manage things in my own wavering strength.

When worries fluster, I’ve usually done one of two things: Either I’ve factored God completely out of the equation, or I’ve limited His limitless ability.

How would you fill in this blank?

Why should I consider it incredible that God can


What are you facing today that raises doubt in sufficiency? That causes you to second-guess even trying?

Why is it thought incredible by any of you

that God raises the dead?

(Acts 26:8)

Paul posed this question while making his defense before King Agrippa. It was a question simply stated, yet profound with implication.

When I read it again this time, it slapped with conviction. After all, isn’t resurrection the most impossible of all feats?!

Not for God, the very Author of Life!

So then, how difficult is it really for Him to accomplish that small thing we put in that blank?

I know! It’s easy to get worked up over our insufficiency when laboring to meet a particular challenge. Thoughts wage war in our minds—dragging our feelings into the muck and mire. When feelings brew up a tizzy, remember:

  • Remember what your faith believes

  • Remember what God has already done

  • Remember the truth of Scripture

  • Remember His all-sufficient power

My grace is sufficient for you,

for my power is made perfect in weakness.

(2 Cor 12:9a)

Feeling overwhelmed and overcome comes from underestimating God. And underestimating God is a losing battle. You can conquer that battle, however, by countering doubt with the truth of God’s all-sufficiency.

It’s not so incredible to believe that our credible God can do all things.

Fill in that blank with what you know God has done.


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