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When Being Stuck Doesn’t Seem So Temporary

Everybody I know feels stuck.

Life seems to be on hold.

We can’t move forward.

And we can’t go back.

We tarry here in the in-between.


Waiting for things to change.

There are two problems with being stuck. (Actually, there are probably more, but work with me here.)

It reminds me of having your car stuck in the snow.

When you try to gun it—give it the gas to get unstuck—you just dig yourself in deeper. Often getting yourself even more stuck.

Or, if you’re headed up a slippery slope and you try to force momentum, you simply spin out of control.

Neither approach provides a solution.

What is required?

Patience. And purpose.

Let’s take a cue from trees.

They are stuck in one place. But they are planted. Rooted.

They keep growing . . . and producing fruit.

We may seem stuck—according to the view of this world.

But we are not stuck in the ways that matter—according to the kingdom of God.

Our King keeps His citizens nourished and growing!

We can be like a well-watered tree and use this time to dig our roots deep into the Lord.

The grace He provides from time spent with Him produces. It produces a blessing of shade . . . rest . . . and fruit.

A blessing to be shared with the parched . . . weary . . . and hungry.

But if you feel like you don’t have anything to provide right now, that’s ok too. Each tree has its season. Besides, you are in an orchard among many trees. God can provide to meet your needs through them, until your harvest is ready.

This pandemic may have us stuck at home . . . stuck career-wise . . . stuck financially. But it doesn’t have to keep us from growing and producing spiritually.

In fact, this circumstance is ripe with potential to grow in relationship with God—as we trust Him daily to guide us out of this rut.

Let hope do its work—growing faith in you and watering faith in others.

Trust that stuck is not in the will of God—for He loves to propel us onward.



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