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When the Ground Gives Way

I don’t know your reaction to a video clip of a mud slide or an avalanche. But for me, it’s sheer horror!

To have the ground upon which you stand crumble away from beneath your feet is a terrifying thought.

When foundations crumble, and your world quakes, it can test where you really stand. As well as test which foundations can be trusted.

When all goes crashing away, God’s truth holds. And His love holds firmly in place.

The sum of your word is truth,

and every one of your righteous rules endures forever

(Ps 119:160).

When the ground of their homeland fell away from their feet, as the Jews went off into exile, the truth of God’s word held fast.

When the ground slipped away from under His feet, as Jesus was being lifted up on the Cross, the truth of God’s word held fast.

When He no longer stood upon the ground, as Jesus’ dead body was lowered into the tomb, the truth of God’s word held fast.

When Paul, driven to his knees in prayer from either a shipwreck, imprisonment, beating, or prickly thorn, God’s word held fast.

And when the trials of this world cast us down, and the ground beneath our feet gives way, God’s word still holds fast.

When much of what my life was tethered to fell away, I knew the Lord was still there with me. That He was for me. I may have reeled a bit, mentally and emotionally. And it may have felt like the ground beneath my feet was quaking; nevertheless, I knew He was ever faithful and true. And His truth is a word I could stand on.

We might lose it all—and many tragically have—but we can never lose Him. Or His promises in Christ.

So hold fast, Christian, to the only sure footing you have—Christ Jesus.

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