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Being Prepared by Promise’s Divine

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There is a confidence that comes from knowing God is for you. Really and truly FOR you.

That confidence helps you feel prepared for anything!

One way to gain that confidence in God is through a continuous reminder of His sure promises.

Hope was birthed in the promises of God and can be mined from the pages of His Word. The grace-filled promises recorded there shed light on His love-brimming heart.

God made a promise to the world’s first couple and then, over the course of time, several others followed. The blessed birth of Jesus fulfilled a long thread of divine promises woven across the span of history.

A particular recipient of promise was Abraham.

All families of the earth will be blessed through you (Genesis 12:3b).

God gifted Abraham with several promises. One of them was for descendants to be born to him and his wife (even though they were rather advanced in years). What seemed impossible to man, was God-possible.

Multitudes have failed to believe God’s promises. Because they fail to believe God.

The only impossibility to God’s promises is, in fact, for Him to not keep them.

The most grand promise of all is His promise for a Savior—proving that He is indeed for us!

For centuries God sent a barrage of messages through His servants, the prophets, promising that a Savior would come.

And He has! The Promised Redeemer has come!

Jesus is the Answer to every promise of God!

All glory to God . . . glory in the highest! Yes, let all of heaven and nature sing!

Knowing that the promises of God are for us is to know that the God of the Promise is for us.

God is faithful to each one of His promises. He has proven His trustworthiness. Let that truth prepare your faith with God-confidence.

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