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How "Recalculating" Can Prove Helpful

We were winding our way along back country roads . . . across unfamiliar territory.

Suddenly, from the dash, I heard the rather grave warning, “Recalculating.”

Either I wasn’t paying attention and drifted off course or I made a wrong turn altogether. But when I didn’t adjust to correct my error in a timely manner, I was sharply reminded, “Recalculating!”

The word makes me cringe, like a pointing finger. Usually I become confused about how, where, or when it happened. Then frustration mounts at the admonition, until I realize that it’s a helpful warning. It’s meant to alert me to the fact that I’ve veered off course and something needs correcting.

While the message annoys me, the beauty of the system is that it tracks with where I am and keeps me going in the right direction.

Now, I can ignore it and just keep driving—allowing the device to give me a new route. (Typically, that’s when my pride refuses to admit I made a mistake, or insist the gps must be wrong, or stubbornly go my own way.) Or I can concede, turn around, and get back on track.

The bold pronouncement captures our attention though, doesn’t it? And, if heeded, its call gives opportunity to correct our errant way and carry on toward our intended destination.

Such is our life in Christ. I certainly have gotten off track, detoured, or run off the road, even. But, with the Holy Spirit as our Guide, we have One to keep us on the right path. He provides the warning we need when a wrong decision detours. He is faithful to show us the right way to take . . . until we reach our destination at last.

By following the recalculating directions, I was able to get us heading back in the right direction. Once I did, I made some mental notes as rules for the disciple’s road:

  • Stay in sync with the Spirit by spending time in God’s Word

  • Keep heart and mind aligned through prayer

  • Tune in to His leading—and correction—by listening and staying alert

  • Remember that when I do get off course, the sooner I turn, the better

  • Drive on, in faith—trusting Him to get me where I’m supposed to go

Luckily, I wasn’t distracted by these thoughts. But if I had been, I feel sure I would have heard, “Recalculating!” from the dash.

Q: When you sense the Holy Spirit warning, do you listen and make the necessary correction? Or do you tend to continue on your own way?


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