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Marks of Humanity

My boss is a marked man.

But he’s not the only one.

He’s sporting a mark across his nose . . . from wearing a mask.

It’s a sign of our times.

These times we are living in certainly are leaving their mark! Physically, emotionally, financially, politically, personally, and spiritually.

I suppose we are all marked by something—good and bad. Obvious or otherwise.

We might be marked without. And marked within.

There are those who wear scars without, from physical wounds. And the marks within, like heartache and mental anguish, wounds typically inflicted by suffering.

Why, even creation is marked. It bears the mark of death and decay—as the long arm of sin inflicts its curse upon it.

God is not exempt. He put on flesh and came to heal our woundedness. By the scars in His flesh, our Lord bears the marks of His cross . . . and our injustice.

Even history is marked by His suffering and death—forever stained by the image of His crucifixion. But also marked by the glorious hope His salvation secured.

Jesus is marked—striped by the cruel curse of humanity’s sin.

But He bears them in love.

And His people should bear the mark of His love.

Love is to be the visible identifier—the outward evidence others see, identifying us as His disciples.

Christians are also marked within by the Holy Spirit. He is both the mark we bear inwardly and outwardly—for others should see His presence in the attitudes and actions of the Christian.

These marks should remain un-masked.

I fear these masks we wear to protect us (and others) from this angry virus may have a lingering effect yet unknown to us. They may very well leave their own mark—on more than just our noses. We are vulnerable of allowing the marks of these masks to become internalized. Then hidden.

We may try to cover up pain, fear, and worry from others by the masks we wear. But we can’t hide behind them from our Lord. He sees our scars . . . and experientially knows our woundedness. He bears the marks to prove it!

And His marks redeem ours.


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