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Seasoned Thanks


awesome in glory,

transforms the landscape with works of wonder.

Through thinning branches,

the November breeze whispers thanks—

as nature slows to appreciate Majesty.

Shouldn't hearts follow?

Reflect and respond,

in grand thanks.

The God who moves the air

through the trees in winsome dance

moves a heart to sing thanksgiving.

Add your own song

to the humming of Fall's breeze,

waltzing through God-painted trees.

Giving thanks shines a ray across a cloudy day,

puts pep in a lagging gait,

and places a smile in your heart . . . and His.

Return His grace with a gift of gratitude

so, as leaves blanket the ground,

thanks will too cover heaven’s floor.

“Now, our God, we give You thanks,

and praise Your glorious name.”

(1 Chronicles 29:13)

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