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The day when reality replaces the need for remembering

Occupied by many challenges, what was it young Timothy needed to know most?

The urging of his mentor likely mimicked what Paul himself remembered most often: “Remember Jesus Christ, raised from the dead, descended from David” (2 Tm 2:8).

In his chains, Paul remembered the gospel.

In his suffering, he remembered Jesus Christ—raised from the dead.

And that’s what he wanted Timothy to remember, too.

It’s what we all need to remember.

The grace of God in the remembering gave Paul great endurance. And it gave Timothy wisdom to build a church.

Remembering Jesus Christ, the Messiah of the line of David—and Him raised—gives testimony boldness. It gives the voice that shares the gospel confidence and courage.

It’s what our discipleship is made up of—remembering and sharing the gospel.

In doubt? Remember.

In difficulty? Remember.

Suffering? Remember.

Remember He who overcame this world, life, death, and the grave.

Remember, the impossibility of resurrection was made possible. And promised to you.

The resurrection is for the young to remember . . . and the old to never forget.

Paul’s remembering carried him through life’s most difficult trials—to receive his reward. And the fortitude given the believer for the remembering will get us through this, too.

You can believe this: there will come a day when our future reality will replace the need for remembering. We will have received what the Lord has accomplished that we cling to now on this pilgrimage to that Day.

Good God Almighty, mature our discipleship more with each passing day. Sanctify us by Your Spirit. And in these days of trial, help us to remember the triumph of our Lord and King—making us faithful and fruitful.

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