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Where the Grass is Greener

When you were a young child, did you ever want to run away from home? There were a number of times I packed up to go and countless more when I thought longingly about it. There was one time, however, when I actually did. I didn't go far. And I wasn’t gone long (fear drove me back). But there was something that lingered in my heart, a feeling things were better somewhere else. Kids have this lens that sees things as always being greener elsewhere. As a teen, I exchanged the home of one parent for another. I thought things in another family had to be better. Then, when I was 18, I ran away for good. And as far as I could, from Michigan to South Florida. Does the human heart always look for greener grass? It should, if it’s not walking with God in the lush fields of the Lord’s salvation. But the greener-grass mentality apparently morphs over time. Wayward thoughts stray, thinking someone else has a better job . . . car . . . wardrobe . . . marriage . . . family. Some act upon that desire—landing bottom-first onto a different lawn, only to realize it has its own shadows and thorns. But do you know what? There’s good news when it comes to family. There actually is a family designed to meet our needs and satisfy our souls. Not perfect—yet—mind you. But created of the love and grace of God. It’s the family of God in Christ Jesus. There, the grass is greener. Oh, it may have splotches of yellow and brown, dirt and weeds—but the Spirit is there, ever gardening. He is leading through God’s Word and administering God’s grace. And the Head is the Lord, tending the flock and leading them to greener pastures. In Christ, you are adopted into this family. A family in which to thrive. Where you can love . . . and be loved. Where God transforms your heart . . . your thoughts . . . your ways . . . your longings. And He fits you for the kingdom . . . to be a child of the King. I don’t long to belong in another family anymore—because I’m at home with the Father. All thanks to Christ Jesus! And I’ve stopped looking for anything better . . . greener. Because it doesn’t exist. I’ve never felt more at home than when I’m with my brothers and sisters in Christ—no matter where I live. And I earnestly pray that for you too, friend.


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